Tuesday 3 April 2012

What your Doctor Doesn't Know About Medicine May Be Killing You

'What Doctors Don't Know About Nutritional Medicine.' Our medical community is trained in 'fixing' the problems, not preventing them in the first place. Dr. Strand notes the incredible lack of training in nutrition and preventative medicine among our medical community. The need for this training is clear, as Dr. Strand reviews a number of patients who have benefited from a regimen that includes the nutritional supplements.

This book is incredible. It talks about simple techniques to improve your health, energy and vitality.... if you find yourself unable to solve some health issues, this book may help you....

Afterwards - Jaishree Misra

There is always, if not exactly a ‘happily ever after’, at least an ‘afterwards’ to every story …When Rahul Tiwari arrives in Kerala for a short break from London, he has no premonition of a life-changing moment. But one glance over the fence at his lovely but reticent neighbour Maya is enough to launch him on a path of no return. He finds himself playing friend, partner, co-conspirator, and finally the entirely unexpected role of saviour as Maya, suffocating under the weight of a loveless marriage and a suspicious husband, turns to him for help. Together, they flee India with Maya’s one-year-old daughter Anjali and life seems to hold all the promise of a new beginning, until destiny strikes …With characteristic ease and insight, Jaishree Misra writes in her new novel of the transforming power of love and of the joy and heartbreak of giving yourself to another, for better or for worse.

The best book of Jaishree Misra. Emotions have been beautifully woven into a lovely story.